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Beginning I Japanese Class - San Francisco

Date & Time:
Tuesdays, 9/13 - 12/6/2011, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
No class on 11/21

Japan Society of Northern California (Conference Room)
500 Washington Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94111 (map)

Teacher: Mr. Katsuhiro Otsuka

Book: Japanese for Busy People,Vol.1, Revised 3rd Edition (kana version), lessons 1-7. Teaching materials and lessons covered may vary slightly from class to class. Kana version might be challenging at first for those who are taking Beginning I class. However, it might be a better textbook for Beginning II & III classes.

The Beginning Series focuses primarily on the development of basic conversational skills and an understanding of Japanese as it is currently spoken in Japan. Please note that Beginning I is for students with NO previous Japanese experience. Beginning I will cover topics such as: introductions, address and telephone number, day and time, how much and counting. Beginning II, Beginning III, etc., assume some familiarity with the language. Check the book for a gauge of your level.

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$ 195.00 USD (Members)
$ 300.00 USD (Non-members)